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The TLTAPAC is required by law to follow the regulations of and report all its activity to the Texas Ethics Commission (TEC). TLTAPAC files regular required TEC reports detailing all donations received by its members and all contributions made to candidate campaigns. Here are some legal requirements that govern donations to a Texas PAC that may be of interest:
  • Personal contributions from individuals will be used to make donations to candidate campaigns. Contributions from law firms, etc., that are organized as partnerships, PCs, LLCs or PLLCs may also be used to fund candidate campaigns.
  • Corporate contributions from a title agent, underwriter or other corporation cannot be used to make donations to candidate campaigns and may only be used to cover administrative costs of the PAC, such as office overhead, accounting fees, bank fees, compliance costs, etc.

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By contributing to the TLTAPAC, you help ensure a strong future for your profession. Through TLTAPAC involvement, in terms of numbers of people involved and contributions, we are afforded the opportunity to get in front of legislators and policy makers to tell our story and help them understand the unique nature of title insurance.

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With help from corporate contributions, the TLTAPAC is able to raise record amounts of personal contributions, allowing us to make campaign contributions to 100% of the members of the Texas Legislature. Of course, there are administrative costs with raising that money.

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