What has the TLTAPAC done for you lately?

Did you know that in the past few legislative sessions…

…there have been repeated attempts to do away with our successful promulgated rate system?

For several sessions now, TLTA has defeated legislation that would have forced title agents to operate under a “file and use” rate system, which would have undermined your ability to provide your current levels of quality service – or even stay in business.

…there was a bill that would have put escrow officers in jail for the crimes of others?

TLTA stopped a bill that would have made escrow officers personally and criminally liable for mortgage fraud committed by others.

…TLTA helped make e-filing a real option for you?

Before TLTA worked to get a bill passed allowing you to pass through the expenses for e-filing and tax certificates, the process simply did not make economic sense for title agents to e-file.

…there have been several bills filed that would have forced title agents to accept all powers of attorney?

These bills would have forced you to take a power of attorney without any discretion, even if you had serious concerns about them. TLTA has worked diligently each session to kill these bills.

…that at one time there was no statute of limitations on TDI enforcement actions?

Before TLTA championed legislation to create a statute of limitations, TDI could come back to your employer years or even decades later and impose sanctions or shut down your operations.

…that there have been several bills filed that would have cut off your access to public records or forced you to pay as much as one dollar per page for each record?

There have been repeated attempts by local officials to shut off access to public records. The latest attempt would have forced you to print off the records from local websites or otherwise purchase copies on a per page basis. TLTA helped kill those bills.

…there was a bill that would have forced you to hand out homestead exemptions information or be punished for failing to do so?

For several sessions, there have been attempts to force title companies to give the consumers all kinds of information and notices – and even punish you for failing to do so. Your company’s purpose is to assist consumers, but not to serve as the source for all government information and you should not have to assume that liability. TLTA has worked to protect you from these unnecessary duties.

…there was a bill that would have forced you to use a special interest-bearing escrow account for government programs?

Working with special government accounts would be a huge hassle. TLTA worked hard to defend against this approach to raising revenue and will continue to do so.

…that during every session there is a host of bills filed with direct or unintended bad consequences for you and your industry?

Fortunately, TLTA is there to defend against problematic bills and work to pass helpful bills to make your life – and your customers’ lives – easier.