Membership Directory

Printed Membership Directory
The TLTA Member Directory is current as of the date of your order. Price includes a reusable binder with tabs and shipping.
Standard price: 100.00
Discounted price: 45.00
You could save: 55.0%

Binder and Tabs Only

Membership Directory Binder and Tabs
If you’re downloading the free version of the directory, this binder and set of tabs makes it easy to organize and use.
Standard price: 35.00
Discounted price: 25.00
You could save: 28.6%

TLTA Member Mailing List

TLTA Membership Mailing List
The Mailing List includes mailing address information for Active, Associate and Individual Members on the TLTA Mailing List.
Standard price: 350.00
Discounted price: 300.00
You could save: 14.3%